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Scaravelli inspired yoga with Jane

Monday 16 June 2025 from 9:45 am to 11:00 am

Jane Manze has been teaching Scaravelli-Inspired Yoga since 2002 and more recently trained as a Somatic Movement Educator with the school for Body-Mind Centering®  Her classes offer a depth and mindful awareness of the body in movement and in stillness… along with lightness and play which comes from her background in and continued passion for dance. With these qualities, Jane encourages ‘every-body’ to enjoy traditional yoga postures.


Scaravelli-Inspired Hatha Yoga enjoys traditional Yoga postures and practices with particular attention to the spine and how we breathe and how we rest on the ground. It is suitable for every-body.

“if you are kind to the body, it will respond in an incredible way” Vanda Scaravelli
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