Mindfulness Courses : Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

The MBCT courses teach meditation and uses CBT exercises to enable us to work with the mechanisms underlying difficult mind states.

This enables us to recognise negative patterns of mind earlier, and helps us develop greater choice and flexibility over how to respond. This builds resilience and confidence rather than running off old, unhelpful patterns of reacting.

Our Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy courses are led by experienced teacher Kate Gooch (Kavyashri)

Kate Gooch (Kavyashri), is a Mindfulness Teacher and supervisor. She has been teaching mindfulness courses for 20 years.She has  taught Mindfulness to the general public, carers, school children, teachers, psychologists as well as here at Brighton Buddhist Centre.

For more information about Kate Gooch (Kavyashri) visit her website www.mindfulness4life.co.uk

This course has been tried and tested over many years of clinical application and is not suitable for people who are currently clinically depressed.

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