Mindfulness-based Wise Awareness

This is a new secular mindfulness-based course focusing on the qualities and cultivation of wise awareness.

Trainers Akasati Annie and Karuna Hridaya (Dr Carolyn Drake) have drawn on their many years of mindfulness practice and teaching, as well as Karuna's background in neuroscience in developing this exciting new course meditation practice.

See here for more about the course creators/teachers.  

Why train in wise awareness?

Recent research is showing how wisdom can be used in practical ways in our daily lives, as well as opening deeper understanding on a more existential level.

The benefits can be found in improving our capacity to take a wider perspective, understanding our views and emotional responses to events and how this can help us as we navigate everyday challenges. Training in wisdom helps us to self-reflect more effectively, learn from our life experience, make better decisions, and be better equipped to manage change and uncertainty.

What can I expect from a wise awareness course?

  • The Wise Awareness Course is a further development from Mindfulness Courses such as MBCT and complements the Compassion Course (MBCL).
  • The course draws on a range of rich resources including the Buddhist roots of mindfulness and other ancient teachings as well as the new field of wisdom science. It has been developed by Annie Akasati and Karuna Hridaya together.
  • You will discover how the emerging science of wisdom is opening up new ways of working effectively with the challenges and flux of life.
  • You will learn to use meditation and practices designed to develop greater awareness, clarity and confidence.
  • There will be encouragement and support to maintain a home practice for the duration of the course.
  • Sessions are conducted in a friendly and open atmosphere to encourage sharing and relationship building.

Upcoming courses

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