The Sanskrit word 'mitra' simply means 'friend'.
Mitras are people who have made a commitment to practising the Dharma within our spiritual community. Becoming a mitra is a deepening of friendship with the Triratna Buddhist Community, which can occur when your commitment to its ideals, values and practices has reached a certain level.

This involves a commitment to Buddhism, to practising the Buddhist path as taught within our tradition, and to the Triratna Buddhist Community as the main context for your practice.

We call this level of commitment 'provisional' because it is for the foreseeable future, rather than the more once-and-for-all dedication of an Order Member. You are ready to become a mitra when you decide that, as far as you can see at the moment, you want to practise this path, with this spiritual community. You are saying that from where you are now this looks like the path for you, and you are willing to give it a good wholehearted trial.

Becoming a mitra is a significant event in our spiritual lives, so it is witnessed in a public ceremony.It is a special event at the Buddhist Centre, and to which many people invite their friends and family. If you'd like to know more about becoming a mitra, you can read this document online "A Guide to Becoming a Mitra in the Triratna Buddhist Community".

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