Tai chi Drop-In

Thursdays 6-7.15 p.m £8 Concessions / £10 Full Price

Dharmakara has been teaching Tai Chi for thirty years and is a certified teacher with the Taiji School of Central Equilibrium https://taiji.org.uk/

An ordained Buddhist for twenty years, he has a particularly mindful approach to exploring movement.

Classes are suitable for beginners and those with more experience.

The classes involve training in the five loosening exercises of Master Huang Shen Shyan and learning the 37 step short form.

The main focus of the classes are to look for opportunities to relax in the various postures and movements.

We all know that we will benefit more from relaxation. Instructions to relax can often be too broad to be helpful. Tai chi is especially good at  identifying where the actual tensions arise and with this we can patiently learn new skills in letting go.

A relaxed body can help us access a vitality that can often simply be blocked.

For one brief overview of the health benefits of Tai Chi click here


I have worked with several other Tai Chi teachers in the past and have been particularly
impressed by the quality of Dharmakara’s teaching. His explanations are very clear and
helped me towards a fuller understanding of the experience of the body and ways of
staying with that experience.
He also pays attention to detail in a way I have not come across in other teachers. As a
result of this I have been able to correct a number of wrong views and to practice with
greater confidence.
Christopher T Garland (DC MMCA McTimoney Chiropractor)

Learning Tai Chi with Dharmakara allowed me to experience the Form as an internal
student. His skilled use of imagery and knowledge of anatomy took my learning onto
another level. After 46 years of movement experience I was astounded at the depth of his
teaching and have always come away from his sessions enlightened, encouraged and
wanting to know more. Dharmakaras style of teaching is suited to both absolute
beginners and more experienced pupils.

Kim Davey-Sinclair (Director, Island Pilates Centre)


I've only been practicing with Dharmakara a short time but I have over 40 years experience of martial arts. His attention to detail and understanding of the relationship between mind and body, engaging the whole being in practice, is fascinating and very rewarding

Paul Bonett (6th Dan Aikido)

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