Generosity and Giving


Generosity is of fundamental importance in Buddhism and our aim is to inspire a living culture of generosity throughout the sangha. The Brighton Buddhist Centre is built upon the open-handed generosity of hundreds of people.

The flow of generosity and abundance is a key aspect of being part of a Sangha, each of us making our contribution in our own way to the best of our ability. 

Generosity and giving are core to Buddhist practice.  What we do with our money is an expression of our values; of what is important to us.

Donating money to Brighton Buddhist Centre will allow it to continue to develop and become a great resource in these times of need.


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Donations through InvestMyCommunity

You can donate online through InvestMyCommunity where you can make a single payment or set up a regular payment.

Creating a regular payment is the most effective way to support us. A small regular sum can translate into a significant benefit over time.

Legacy Giving

Legacies have enabled the Brighton Buddhist Centre to make some very significant developments, among them the lift that gives disabled access to the building and the triptych painting by Aloka that adorns our top shrine room. Whether your bequest is small or large it is a valuable way of supporting our work far into the future. And, since charitable legacies are paid before inheritance tax is deducted, this can reduce the total amount of tax due on your estate.

Do consider including the Brighton Buddhist Centre in your will

Making or updating a will is not difficult but is best done with some professional help. Below are a few websites that may help.


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