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For those interested in exploring meditation we offer courses and drop-ins which provide grounding in in the meditation practices we share within the Triratna Buddhist Community.  The 2 main practices we teach are the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana.

These practices are an integral part of the Triratna Buddhist tradition and of our ‘System of Practice’.

The Mindfulness of Breathing practice helps to develop awareness, integration and an understanding of the way the mind works.

The Metta Bhavana practice helps to cultivate positive emotion, compassion and an ‘opening of the heart’.

Both of these practices form the initial stages of an exploration of meaning and purpose within busy modern life.  Not only does meditation help with awareness and positive emotion it also helps to point you towards an onward journey onto the ‘path of transformation’.

We offer a hands-on and systematic approach to meditation.


Buddhism starts with looking at some of our basic existential dilemmas and in time leads to a felt knowledge of the nature of existence and ‘the way things really are’.

Buddhism is an ‘onward journey’ from learning meditation to the path of transformation – where our ‘narrow’ sense of ourselves is replaced by a sense of something bigger – something more creative.

For people who have learned the two meditation practices, we hold a Sangha (Community) Evening every Wednesday.  More details here.


We offer regular drop-in meditation sessions in-personFor more information click here to visit our Meditation Drop-in Classes page.

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All of our drop-in activities are offered on by-donation basis; if you'd like to donate to help keep the centre running in these challenging times, please use the donation button at the top of this page


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