Triratna Community

Brighton Buddhist Centre is part of a worldwide community, Triratna, practicing the Buddha's teaching under the guidance of Sangharakshita.

The Order is a non-monastic order and was founded in 1967, when it was known as Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.

The practices and teachings are adapted to be relevant for modern life, yet based on traditional teachings from the Buddha.


Triratna, meaning ‘three jewels’, is an ecumenical Buddhist movement that draws on many Buddhist traditions and practices to present the teachings of the Buddha in a coherent form relevant to the modern world. Practitioners of Buddhism in the 21st century are uniquely placed to survey the whole of the Buddhist tradition in its various historical and cultural contexts and draw on the most spiritually vital elements to enrich and inform our practice of the Dharma.

The Three Jewels

The three jewels are the Buddha – the ideal of Englightenment, the Dharma – the teachings of the Buddha, and the Sangha – the spiritual community, and are the central values around which Buddhist practice focuses.

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Dharma Night

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