y group dogYoga courses exploring the foundations of Yoga. These Yoga courses encourage you to to develop greater awareness and confidence in your body and help you to develop a Yoga practice.

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"Khadine’s enthusiasm and passion for yoga is beautifully expressed, generously shared, and infectious. She brings in her vast knowledge of yoga philosophy to underpin the physical practice, pointing to yoga as a practical philosophy and deepening my interest in it holistically. Her voice is calm and clear, and her instruction is easy to absorb. She generously shares her own direct experience/knowing, and I have a complete sense of trust in her as a teacher, which enables me to surrender." - Frances
"Khadine is probably right up there amongst the best yoga teachers and that is based simply on the way I have felt after attending many of her classes/workshops over the years. The class I regularly attend is generally packed so that speaks volumes. Summing up: if your looking for authentic yoga I'd most definitely recommend Khadine." - Donald
"I leave Khadine's classes feeling elevated and yet utterly grounded too. She explains and explores each posture in such detail using clear and accessible language even for the more complex ideas and approaches. I can't recommend her enough whether you are beginning from scratch or hoping to deepen you existing practise. You're guaranteed to learn in abundance and have fun on the way. "- Tara
"I have been a pupil of Khadine's for a few years and I have practiced with many teachers. Khadine' classes are special not only because she is a very skilled yogi and teacher but also because she approaches things with humility and humanity and always in a very relaxed way which means all levels feel at home. For those who are more spiritually minded, she is very knowledgeable and one can tell she has not only studied but more importantly thought through some of the teachings of the yoga philosophy" - Sebastian
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