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Buddhist Yoga Workshop

14 July from 11:45 am to 4:15 pm

In this workshop we will explore and compare traditional Buddhist paradigms such as “conditioned co-production” (Sanskrit – pratītyasamutpāda Pāli: paṭiccasamuppāda) with sāṃkhya yoga features in the Patañjali Yoga Sūtra. We will see how the PYS is a text known to have absorbed huge chunks from the Yogācāra/Vijñānavāda (way of yoga/consciousness only school) Buddhist school which are roughly contemporary to the PYS..

We will practice traditional haṭha yoga and explore its foundations – a Tantric Buddhist milieu the Amṛtasiddhi – the earliest systematic and well-structured Sanskrit text about what came to be called haṭha yoga. As well as practices from the Tibetan yoga systems.

Overlaps and cross-pollination between the Śaiva and Bauddha (Buddhist) traditions are explored through figures like Padmasambhāva and Matsyendra – figures revered in both traditions, the former of whom is dressed in the style usually associated with Śaiva kāpālikas (“skull men”)

Expect: meditation, breath practices and haṭha movements to bring about a sense of being stable in your centre. We will include a Green Tārā (a beautiful bodhisattva “mind/energy directed to Awakening” who personifies centred action) chant. We will explore how such centred action is inherently compassionate and appropriate to the moment.

To book contact Jim by text to 07960192662

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