Yoga at Brighton Buddhist Centre

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a traditional spiritual practice for uniting body and mind, through the practice of physical postures known as ‘Asanas’ which are combined with an awareness of the breath.

Regular practice of Yoga releases tensions in the body and can lead to overall improvements in health and well-being.

Please wear loose clothing which allows you to stretch and move freely. All Yoga equipment is provided.

All the Yoga teachers at Brighton Buddhist Centre are experienced, qualified and insured to teach.

Yoga Drop-in Classes and Courses

Yoga drop in classes are suitable for beginners and experienced people.

To find out more about Yoga Drop in Classes click here

Yoga courses allow you to develop your Yoga practice systematically over a period of weeks.

To find out more about Yoga Courses click here

We also offer monthly Yoga Mornings on a Sunday.

To find out more about Yoga Mornings click here

We offer a range of Yoga styles.

To find out more about Yoga styles we teach click here

Yoga Loyalty Card

With our Yoga Loyalty Card you can have every 10th class free.
Please ask at reception when you attend a class.


Yoga e-Newsletter

We send out a monthly Yoga email with information about Yoga Classes, Yoga Courses, Yoga mornings, Yoga Retreats and articles.

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