Mindful Tai Chi

Tai Chi in Brighton at Brighton Buddhist Centre : Dharmakara practicing Tai Chi
Dharmakara – Tai Chi instructor

Tai Chi is a mindful movement system that sets up conditions for deep relaxation. The flowing sequences give a strong sense of being grounded, centred and poised.

The style taught at The Buddhist Centre is the Mindful Tai Chi from the Yang family forms. The classes have an emphasis on posture, flow and authentic connection through the body.


has practised Tai Chi since 1984. He is a qualified instructor with the Taiji School of Central Equilibrium www.taiji.org.uk . This is an international school founded by Wee Kee Jin.

Dharmakara’s approach to teaching is also informed by over 20 years of experience with meditation, Buddhism and Yoga.

For more information please call Dharmakara on 07751 328569

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May I take this opportunity to thank you for teaching us, I found it incredibly interesting, your teaching skill is really quite enchanting“. Amanda Smith Fitforall Gym

I think what stood out for me about your workshop was how responsive you were to the participants and how you were able to adapt what you were doing to their needs, so that they got the most out of the experience. I also felt that you were very approachable and warm in your manner of delivery.“Pam Windsor,Support and Outreach Worker,The Carers Centre for Brighton and Hove

“I am a voice practitioner with a long-standing interest in mind bodywork. The time I have spent working with Dharmakara has been of profound value and has been deeply appreciated on a number of levels.

• Firstly, is the warm, clear and informed teaching style offered which at all times has facilitated sustained understanding.

• Secondly, is the richly informed knowledge of anatomy and movement in action that underpins the teachings, making it at all times feel sound and concrete.

• Thirdly, is the availability of a number of concepts about the mind and the body relating to the imagination that always seem to appropriately find their way into the tissue.

The entire experience is of being in the hands of a deeply considered, wise and knowledgeable teacher who places his experience at the core of his teaching. I would highly recommend Dharmakara to anyone wishing to engage with the form of Tai Chi that he teaches, as there is depth here for the advanced student and reassurance and clarity for the beginner.
Jane Boston-Senior voice practitioner and Head of Research and Development at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

I have been teaching martial arts for thirty five years. The Tai Chi that Dharmakara teaches is authentic which is therefore demanding and satisfying.
Tom Helsby, 4th Dan Black Belt Aikido Practitioner

I have worked with several other Tai Chi teachers in the past and have been particularly impressed by the quality of Dharmakara’s teaching. His explanations are very clear and helped me towards a fuller understanding of the experience of the body and ways of staying with that experience.He also pays attention to detail in a way I have not come across in other teachers. As a result of this I have been able to correct a number of wrong views and to practice with greater confidence.“Christopher T Garland DC MMCA Ex-McTimoney Chiropractor

A very interesting session well and sensitively tailored to the physical needs of the group. Presented with insight and humour and appreciated by all participants.“Paul Gilett, City Synergy

Learning Tai Chi with Dharmakara allowed me to experience the Form as an internal student. His skilled use of imagery and knowledge of anatomy took my learning onto another level. After 46 years of movement experience I was astounded at the depth of his teaching and have always come away from his sessions enlightened, encouraged and wanting to know more. Dharmakara’s style of teaching is suited to both absolute beginners and more experienced pupils.
Kim Davey-Sinclair, Director, Island Pilates Centre



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