Beauty of Mantra

Beauty of Mantra


Date(s) - 25/09/2021
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

with Mahasukha

A magical evening of uplifting, meditative and devotional Buddhist mantra with beautiful soulful harmonies. We will chant the mantra before a beautiful shrine and make candle offerings. There will be an opportunity to sit on and absorb the practice and atmosphere.
“It was another incredible evening. Incredible is not strong enough a word. I experienced such a huge amount of strength, love and bliss. It was euphoric really but somehow a huge amount of power behind it.” ~ Sarah
image by Aloka
£12 in advance/£14 on the door.
Before Booking please read and make sure you can comply with the COVID policy for Beauty of Mantra
COVID Policy
Obviously, we are still living in COVID times so in order to resume Beauty of Mantra there needs to be some sensible precautions in place.
These precautions are;
1. Showing proof of either having been double vaccinated or of a negative Lateral Flow Test (see below for further details).
2. Keeping some physical distance – so this will mean spreading ourselves out to a reasonable distance.
3. Keeping doors and windows open for ventilation.

4. Washing hands (hand sanitiser will be provided

Wearing masks won’t be required (all the more reason to take these precautions) as I just don’t think you can satisfactorily chant in a mask (or breathe the amount you need in order to chant). I would, though, recommend wearing masks when talking to someone in close proximity face-to-face, and certainly when you arrive, queue and pay/show proof on the door.
Obviously, please do not attend Beauty of Mantra if you feel unwell/have symptoms or if your Lateral Flow Test is positive. If you have any covid symptoms after the event then please let me know asap and I will notify everyone.
Proof of being vaccinated
You will need to show proof via your NHS COVID Pass (which you can only get from 2 weeks after you’ve had your 2nd vaccination).
To obtain this either;
1. Go online here. You’ll be asked to create a login using an email address (if you don’t already have a login). Once logged in you will need your NHS number or name, date of birth, postcode and presumably your mobile no. (if they don’t already have it) as you will be sent a text with a security code.
2. Go onto the NHS app if you have it (I don’t so I don’t know what the procedure is but I imagine you’ll need the same info. as I’ve just listed).
Proof of negative Lateral Flow Test
Again, you will need to show proof via your NHS COVID Pass which can be obtained via either of the two options above.
First, you will need to obtain a Lateral Flow Test kit which are free and are available from some chemists and to order through gov .uk here
NB Please take the test within 48 hours of each workshop.
Then report your result to the NHS online here which you have to do within 24 hours of doing the test (I imagine you can also do it via your NHS app but not sure).
Doing it online you will need your QR code or ID number printed on the test strip (the part of the kit that shows your result) and your mobile phone number.
You can also report your test result by calling the phone number in your test kit’s instructions.
Show your NHS COVID Pass on your phone or in a printout on the door when you arrive.
NB If you are exempt from COVID vaccinations or tests due to a medical reason then please self-declare your medical exemption on the door when you arrive. You’ll find Govt. guidelines on medical exemptions here


You can book this course on-line using a credit or debit card or through your PayPal account. Once you click the "pay now" button you will be transferred to PayPal to make your payment.

If you have any questions find out more about bookings and concessions . Due to the reduced office staffing during the pandemic we are currently only taking bookings by PayPal, if this causes problems please email


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