T R A N S F O R M    Y O U R    M I N D


T R A N S F O R M   T H E    W O R L D




As part of Buddhist Action Month we will explore our vision of the world and
how it works, and how it is shaped by the prevailing ideas of the times.

A dominant idea is that the free marked and the pursuit of individual wealth are
the best way to organise our economy and society, and lead to the greatest
happiness for the greatest number of people.

However there are many reasons to question this idea.

As Buddhists, we understand that the world we experience and create is mind-made,
and therefore if we can imagine an alternative and act on it, we can
transform the world and make it a more compassionate place.

Doors Open 11.30am

There will be a short film by George Monbiot followed by a discussion
Bring Vegan Lunch to share
Talks and discussions on the ideas that shape our view of the world

Activities based on Joanna Macey’s ‘Work that reconnects’
and the Padmasambhava Puja

Dates and Times

Sunday, 24th June, 2018

Times: 12:00 pm-4:30 pm

The event is free but donations on the day are welcome.

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