Letting go into Autumn : yoga, meditation and dance day

Resting with the Earth Element to Resource your Being

A day of yoga, meditation and dance with Vidyadasa and Salma Darling

During this day we will explore how the embodiment practices of yoga, meditation and free movement in conscious dance, can synergistically invite us into letting go and finding support from the ground.

From this place of being connected to the earth element, we can turn inward and find rest and renewal, to be better resourced to interact with the world during this turn in the seasons.


“There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground; there are a thousand ways to go home again”.

We will explore:

  • Movement as an active mindfulness practice; remembering to be awake to the changing moment through stillness, structured and unstructured movement.
  • Grounding and gravity – making friends with the floor.
  • Allowing the earth element of our body to be a resource for support and renewal.
  • Finding ease and lightness through allowing the ground to hold us.
  • Breath – how breath support both connection to our inner world and interconnection.
  • Sensing into the space at the end of the exhale which invites dropping.
  • Softness and kindness to invite an inclusive welcome to all that’s alive in experience.
  • Understanding how awareness of the body supports us in remaining steady when we’re blown about with the winds of the changing season.

Investigating our inner world, how we are in relationship and exploring connection in the group collective.


Salma Darling, MA
is a dance movement psychotherapist and facilitates Wild Divine Dance, a conscious dance practice informed by dharma and ecopsychology. She trained at University of Massachusettes and Bangor University to teach MBST and MBCT, and teaches Brighton Insight Meditation having spent over 2 years in silent retreat.


is a Yoga and Meditation teacher/practitioner, Embodied Yoga Principles teacher/trainer and embodiment facilitator who works with individuals and groups to create transformative change in everyday life, he has a varied background of movement/arts practice including Dance & Visual Arts, Shiatsu practitioner and Chi Kung, ordained in Triratna Buddhist in 2011.


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Sunday, 11th November, 2018

Times: 10:00 am-5:00 pm

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