Dharma Day ‘Turning the wheel, Beating the drum’

Each year Dharma Day celebrates a key moment in the life of the Buddha – the moment when the Buddha decides to Teach others his Dharma – a Dharma discovered in the depths of his mind under the Bodhi Tree at Bodh Gaya in Northern India 2,500yrs ago.

After his enlightenment there, he decides to leave Bodh Gaya in search of his old Friends whom he knows will understand the significance and profundity of his discovery. As he starts his Journey he says.

          ‘To set rolling the wheel of the Dhamma I go to the city of Kasi.

          In a world become blind,

          I beat the drum of the Deathless.’

It is interesting that even though the Buddha says the world has become ‘blind’, he doesn’t give up on it. Instead he just appeals to a more receptive sense – he picks up the drum of the Dharma and starts beating it. As the Buddha did this, as he turned the wheel of the Dharma and beat the Drum, the ‘blind’ followed the sound – Listening to the Buddha’s sacred Dharma – a Teaching or Truth unveiled from the depths of his consciousness. A Teaching that leads to exquisite kindness, shattering wisdom, abundant happiness and emancipation from suffering.

2,500 years later we can still hear the reverberations of that drum. A drum past down to us and beaten by the lineage of practitioners since the Buddha. But to what extent have we or can we take up the Drum? In what way do we effectively express our Dharma Lives so that we can be heard in a world where so much competes for people’s attention? A day exploring this question.

A day celebrating the Dharma and beating the drum! With Meditation, talks, discussion and Puja. With Mitra ceremonies after lunch!

Led by Dharmajit


Please bring a vegetarian/vegan lunch to share

Doors open at 10am for a prompt 10.30am start. Additional people can join the Day at lunch time which is from 12 – 1.30pm and stay for the remainder of the day.


Dates and Times

Sunday, 22nd July, 2018

Times: 10:30 am-4:30 pm

The event is free but donations on the day are welcome.

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