Mindful Hatha Yoga classes

The aim of these classes is to create awareness of body and mind, create focus and maintain flexibility and freedom of movement.

You will experience 

• Increased body awareness
• Good healthy enjoyable stretches
• A range of yoga postures
• Pleasurable stretches
• Ease and relaxation

Vidyadasa’s Yoga classes include simple and effective yoga postures, they begin and end with simple meditative practices.

You don’t need to know the names of the postures or have practised yoga before to attend, classes are enjoyed by beginners and people who have been practicing for years and enjoy practicing with other people.

Classes start with a general body awareness practice and warm-ups, followed by hatha yog apiostures and ending with relaxation.

All guided with verbal instruction with clarification through demonstration. Vidyadasa does not make physical adjustments to  people’s postures without consent so you can feel safe, knowing that you will not be harmed.

You can see a general introduction to his classes on this video.

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[su_quote]That was amazing, I feel fantastic, so relaxed and energised, see you next week[/su_quote][su_quote=”Anon”][su_quote]This is the best yoga class I have ever been to. I always feel revived afterwards. Not to be missed. [/su_quote][su_quote=”Celia”]Vidyadasa is an excellent yoga and meditation teacher. His gentle flowing style means every part of one’s body feels gently stretched and flexed in rhythm with one’s breath. I always feel refreshed and calm. [/su_quote]
[su_quote cite=”Vicky M”]Excellent classes. Thoughtful, inclusive teaching.Would recommend to anyone.[/su_quote]

Vidyadasa has been practicing Yoga and Meditation since 1991, attending Iyengar and Hatha (Scaravelli inspired) classes with a variety of Teachers, he then chose to train as a Unity Hatha Yoga teacher with Sevanti in 2006. He has been teaching hatha Yoga classes in Brighton for 12 years and has taught over 2000 classes. He has been teaching since in various venues throughout Brighton.

He is also an Embodied Yoga Principles teacher and Teacher Trainer. Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) is a practical system to help people take yoga off their mat and into the rest of their lives by developing specifc qualiteis such as focus, decisiveness, clairty, calm, self care, kindness, playfulness etc etc.

He weaves aspects of EYP into regular classes as well as including them on the Yoga and Meditation mornings, you can find out more about Embodied Yoga Principles on the website He is a member of the Independent Yoga Network .

Vidyadasa Yoga side bend

Vidyadasa teaches Yoga and meditation Drop – in Classes on a Monday Evening and Tuesday Evening 6.00pm – 7.15pm and a Yoga and Meditation class on a Friday morning 10am-11.30am.

He also teaches monthly Sunday Yoga Mornings at Brighton Buddhist Centre –see info

He teaches at a local retreat Centre (
and runs international  Yoga holidays and retreats.
You can see info on Vidyadasa’s website:

Connect with his Inspiring Yoga page on Facebook

Call Vidyadasa : 07870 696942

Testimonials about Vidyadasa’s Yoga teaching

[su_quote cite=”S.H”]Soothing class that slowly and sensitively opens the body. Also helps develop an awareness of your body and its needs [/su_quote][su_quote cite=”Lucy”]Vidyadasa has a lovely, calm approach to yoga. I always leave his classes feeling a million times better[/su_quote][su_quote cite=”Shaney”]A great class to relax in -highly recommended [/su_quote][su_quote cite=”Charlotte Williams”]Really lovely class -always come out in a blissful state [/su_quote][su_quote cite=”Viv Griffiths”]Vidyadasa has a calming manner and I particularly enjoy his flowing approach to the postures. It is always a positive,relaxing session and I come out bouncing. [/su_quote][su_quote=”Ross M”]I really enjoyed my first class. Felt very comfortable and would very much like to come again! [/su_quote][su_quote=”A.L”]A little oasis of inspiration and beauty.[/su_quote][su_quote=”Eva Baker”]Lovely relaxing classes,the teacher has a very restful and calming energy. A great class for increasing your sense of wellbeing[/su_quote][su_quote=”Ismael”]I will definitely be back next week! Perfect class![/su_quote][su_quote=”Anna”]Great flow of movement -Each move is talked through to a great level of understanding. Reduced tension and the days thoughts. My flexility and clarity of mind increased. [/su_quote][su_quote=”Phil McDaniel”]An excellent and peaceful introduction for me. Thank you![/su_quote][su_quote=”Yolanda”]Really relaxing class,well instructed and I felt fantastic afterwards.Great class![/su_quote][su_quote=”NJ – Financial Advisor”]As a middle aged stereotype ex rugby player of 40 years I was not expecting the physical, mental and emotional aspects of yoga to be so beneficial to me. I have been to the Monday Wednesday and Friday classes on a regular basis with Vidyadasa and he makes each of them work for the individuals who attend. I would also recommend his embodied yoga principles as it helps you to reinforce personal strengths and improve areas that need personal development in your life.[/su_quote]


Testimonials for the Wednesday yoga class at lunchtime

[su_quote=”Maureen Atkins-Yoga Teacher”]Vidyadasa leads the practice of Yoga in a way that allows his students to flow from one asana to the next encouraging concentration, ease and softness in the body & breath, whilst developing co-ordination, strength and balance. I believe this is Yoga as it’s meant to be and perfect for a lunchtime class. If you can get to one of his Sunday morning 3 hour Yoga  & Meditation mornings they are truly worth taking the time to do.[/su_quote]

Testimonials for the Friday Yoga and Meditation classes
[su_quote=”Katie”]I have been trying to get into yoga for years, this class finally cracked it for me. It puts so much emphasis on the spiritual and emotional as on the physical and you leave feeling really quite rejuvenated. Precious calm in a busy life. [/su_quote][su_quote=”A.L”]A little oasis of inspiration and beauty.[/su_quote][su_quote=”BB”]One of the best parts of my week. A lovely sense of wellbeing.[su_quote=”Anon”]Vidyadasa is a wonderful,soothing teacher,who is able to put beginners at ease and make them feel comfortable[su_quote=”Anon”]Vidyadasa is a warm and welcoming presence,gently guiding the class through movement and meditation, A jewel in my week. With gratitude[/su_quote]


Testimonials for the Monthly yoga,meditation and Embodiment classes
Yoga and Meditation mornings

[su_quote=”Michelle Mathias“]”This was my first experience of embodied yoga. So much to take off the mat and into the world. Fascinating to see how the yoga poses reflect how we act in life. Powerful stuff”[/su_quote]
“I really appreciated the caring approach that Vidyadasa took to the class. I found embodied yoga principles an enlightening and meaningful way to approach yoga postures,particularly as a beginner”[/su_quote][su_quote=”Peter Whittick”]“I really got a lot of positive energy and relaxation from the Embodied Yoga session. It was my first experience and I found he whole thing to be very beneficial to my sense of well-being, the teaching was friendly and well paced.”[/su_quote]

[su_quote=”Anna Currado”]”I really love this workshop, having attended several times. I often arrive feeling scattered and heady, but leave feeling grounded and supported. Vidyadasa’s teaching is always sensitive, respectful and supportive. i am finding this work towards embodiment very helpful and insightful- both on the mat and off it. Moving, challenging and bringing about growth. Thank you “[/su_quote]

*These classes are not suitable for pregnant women, sorry. We recommend finding specific yoga classes for pregnancy.

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