Nathan Godolphin

Nathan GodolphinA gentle, meditative approach, while still having a good stretch! A fluid journey through movement and postures. The emphasis is on noticing what’s happening in body, breath and mind. This is an Awareness based practice. Each class is varied and rounded- different, and yet following a tried and tested structure.

We tend to start on the ground and work our way up gradually to standing, before coming back down to rest. The relationship between Earth and Sky, gravity and expansion, is central to the practice, as we unite the two as One.

Direct felt experience is key. Nobody else can notice your movements for you. It’s your responsibility. Your ability to respond.  The experiential practice of being here… of becoming present to ourselves, exploring through our patterns, and connecting to the Core of who we are, or who we might be.

Through the practice, we have the opportunity to connect to Spirit/Presence/Love/Awareness, and bring this into our experience. Essentially, we learn to connect to life more readily on this deeper level of meaning. Or unlearn not to.

Yes, yoga to reduce stress, to release tension, to unwind, to lessen the contraction (rather than accumulate more of it!). But more than that- yoga to liberate ourselves from all that causes it in the first place. The more we notice our redundant habits and patterns, the more readily we can release them, and return to the presence that is always here.

Nathan’s yoga classes are suitable for all levels.


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