Kevin Donovan

Kevin-DonovanKevin is an established Yoga teacher with a teaching practice extending over a 20 year period. Originally trained by Mira and Silva Mehta at the Iyengar school in Maida Vale he then went on to practice Astanga Vinyasa with John Scott and Shadow Yoga with Shandor Remette. During an extensive period of full time yoga teaching he ran drop ins, courses, workshops and ran a number of retreats and holidays.

Enjoying a considerable breadth of experience he is comfortable working with all types of students including those with disabilities, those recovering from injury or surgery, and can modify the personal practice of pregnant students according to their specific needs.

His classes are renowned for being accessible but nonetheless quite demanding and he is blessed with a wry and ironic sense of humour. As a result of a substantial background in meditation his classes take place in a calm and mindful atmosphere.

Kevin teaches a Saturday morning Yoga Drop In class 9.30am – 10.45am

This is an Iyengar based class that has a core of regular students but warmly welcomes newcomers and complete beginners. The teaching is student focussed and differentiated to meet the individual need of each practitioner. The class takes place in an atmosphere of calm and mindfulness and there is an emphasis on alignment and and breathing resulting by the end of the session in a feeling of being refreshed and invigorated. Significant emphasis is placed on alignment and breathing creating a poised sense of balance. All are invited at whatever level of experience or ability.

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