An introduction to Women4Women

We are a group of Women in the southern region of the Triratna Sangha UK coming together to raise money for a women only centre in India. The centre is called the Dhammadinna centre and is named after a Nun who has played a large part in the development of Sangharakshita’s thought. (Sangharakshita is the founder of the Triratna Buddhist Tradition, which the Brighton Buddhist Centre is a part of).

Women4Women Events

See info about about our events.

The Dhammadinna Centre

Dhammadina Centre
Dhammadina Centre

The Dhammadinna Centre is based in Lonavla , nearby Bhaja retreat centre, in a beautiful hill station 2 hours from Mumbai and 2 hours from Pune. The downstairs of the centre is now ready for female sangha members to come and visit/stay, skill share ranging from english, communicate the dharma/meditation/puja etc.

Debra Charlton
 visited the centre in 2011, she was inspired to support this centre which was making slow progress due to the difficulties of finding finances in India. Since then she has gathered a team of women to continue to create awareness and fund raise towards the project so it can continue to develop.

Debra Revisited Dhammadina March 2016

She stayed at Dhammadinna centre with GFR Mitra Shubangi. They ensured the centre was safe and secure, repairs and services were undertaken. Gardeners were employed to remove rubble from the kitchen.  The kitchen is now complete.  They had an Electrician and Carpenter fit fans and locks on the doors.

The centre is now available for female GFR Mitras and female Order Members  who wish to deepen or share there practice .

We have a strong sangha nearby and if you wish vegetarian food, and daily room cleaning can be provided for on a donation basis.


The Women 4 Women Team

We look forward to welcoming you

With metta, W4W Team

Alice, Hospitality
Gill, Finance
Debra, Coordinator
Dharmabandhu, Patron

Women4Women News

The Dharmadina centre is holding a women only retreat , sharing and practicing Dharma. Because of the generosity and support of the Brighton / Eastbourne Sangha.
Thank you, Sadhu W4W Team!

sangharakshita and debra charlton

Debra visited Sangharakshita at Adhisthana
Bhante expressed his delight and pleasure in the w4w project.

Women4Women Events

Women4Women create three events a year in Brighton with guest speakers, meditation, sharing feedback on the centre developments from India .

W4W provide women a space to enjoy female company only, women therefore feel able to share more freely and openly.

We enjoy practice and refreshments together. We inspire one another as well as enable our dharma sisters in India.

W4W also receive donations from men and has had many private donations

Sorry we have no events at the moment, please visit this page soon

For further information and previous events in Brighton

Check out our Facebook triratnawomen4women
Contact us on 
Please do contact Debra with any queries debracharlton8@hotmail.com

Women4Women in Bristol
W4W have grown and we now have a w4w fundraiser Alyson a GFR Mitra from Bristol Buddhist Centre.
Alyson lives in Bristol and is inspired by W4W. She has raised £420 in 2015 to April 2016 sharing her artistic skills giving workshops in Bristol for women. Here are two examples of the artworks.

alyson hurst art 2 IMG_3709
alyson hurst art IMG_3708


We have brochures available in reception at Brighton Buddhist Centre, or you can view or download them here.

Women4Women brochure
women 4 women leaflet 2016

CDs for Women4Women

w4w cd

Women 4 Women have produced an Indian Music CD Compilation Sounds of India CD

Beautiful Indian sounds set to western style compiled by Brighton DJ Marcus Brown for our Taste of India Event and the music was hugely popular. We now have the CD for sale at £3.99 with all proceeds to the Dhammadina Centre in India.

yoga nidra cd image

Women 4 Women have produced a Yoga Nidra CD (Deep relaxation)

A guided body scan, including awareness of the breath for deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Please email Debra at debracharlton8@hotmail.com to get your copy


W4W is a registered charity :  (Reg charity no.MH2249/11/Pune)

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