The following are opportunities to engage with Puja (devotional practice)

Friday Afternoon Puja: with Amoghavajri and friends

Buddhist Puja is ritual that expresses commitment and gratitude to the Buddha, to his Teaching and to Practitioners: past present and future.  Since we chant devotional verses, sing mantras and make offerings, the whole of our being is involved.  Participants are welcome to simply observe if it all seems rather mysterious at first. Please give it a try! Followed by tea! Open to everyone.

2:30 – 3:15 pm


Full Moon, Meditation and Ritual 

Do come and join us for an enchanting evening, every month on the night of the full moon.  Ever since the time of the Buddha, this time of the month has been viewed as auspicious for spiritual practice. We shall be meditating, chanting uplifting verses and mantras and generally rejoicing in our favourable circumstances for Buddhist practice, in front of a beautiful candlelit shrine.

No experience is necessary, you can simply observe if you wish. ( Event by donation )


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