Community Practice Days

Our community practice days are suitable for people who have attended our Introduction to Buddhist Meditation Courses, or who have learnt the following meditation practices and practice them regularly

• Mindfulness of Breathing
• Metta Bhavana (Loving Awareness/Unlimited Friendliness)

as the practice days may require you to already know the practice without step by step instructions (as received in drop-in classes or courses).

The content and teachings on these days vary depending on the person teaching the event, and some may include aspects of Buddhist ritual  practices. You can read more about each individual practice events, mornings,afternoons and days in the event listings below.


Meditation Day Retreat30 Jun, 2019Sunday10:30 am-4:30 pmFind out more and book »
Dharma Day Festival14 Jul, 2019Sunday10:30 am-4:30 pm


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