We spend so much of our lives busily engaged with one activity after another that we rarely get a chance to stop and collect ourselves. A retreat gives us that chance to step back and live more simply for a time; to clarify our direction in life and consider those we love more fully.

A retreat can be an adventure; an opportunity to deepen awareness of ourselves and other people around us. There will be time for meditation, guided by experienced teachers, and other activities such as talks, discussion and study groups; and often periods of silence to help the mind really quieten down. Taking place in beautiful and supportive surroundings the experience can still be challenging and sometimes life changing. However, for many the sense of community and friendship that develops is what brings them to return throughout their lives.

Retreats for the Triratna Community

We offer Community Practice events (mornings,afternoons or days) for people who have learnt our meditation practices and are part of the Triratna Community.

Upcoming Online Retreats

Retreats for the Triratna Community

14/03/2021 at 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Cost: £0.00

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Rivendell Retreat Centre

Rivendell is our local retreat Centre north of Uckfield in the beautiful fields and woodland of the Sussex Weald.

Rivendell is offering a range of online retreats.

Rivendell offers Introductory RetreatsYoga & Meditation retreats, and many more for people of all levels  of experience. Find out more at

Other Opportunities for Going on Retreat

There are many other opportunities for retreat within the Triratna Buddhist Community. You will find details of all the retreat centres around the U.K associated with the Triratna Buddhist Community and also opportunities for solitary retreats at

For camping retreats and Buddhafield events, including Buddhafield Festival, see :

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