Talks on Video

Talks given at different events at The Brighton Buddhist Centre. Watch on computers, tablets or mobile devices. Listed in date order – most recent first. You can also listen to Talks on audio

The Arising of the Bodhicitta by Padmavajra

Exploring the Will to Enlightenment. Padmavajra brings the Bodhicitta alive.
Given on Triratna Night Tuesday 23rd July.

Celebrating Creativity and Enlightenment by Vidyadasa

Visual Presentation with Vidyadasa -Includes images of artworks inspired by The Buddha’s Enlightenment, Stupa’s, a meditation and a creativity exercise.
Given on Saturday May 25th 2013. More info on the artists on the Youtube page.

Transforming World and Self : Green Tara with Sahajatara & Caroline Lucas.

Sahajatara explores why she sees her involvement with Green Politics as an expression of her Sadhana (a devotional meditation practice) and why she believes a green government could create a more ethical society. Caroline Lucas also talks about how she sees a link between the green movement and Buddhism. View our Engaged Buddhism page.

A ‘Jewel in the Lotus’ – A public talk by Mokshini, the current chairperson at Brighton Buddhist Centre

on Saturday 20th April 2013 . The talk marked the end of a week long retreat at the Centre for Order Members and Mitras (friends).

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