Yoga Styles

We teach four Yoga styles: Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Vajrasati Yoga and Embodied Yoga Principles.
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Hatha Yoga   

Physical postures and movements which cultivate flexibility of body and mind, strength and sensitivity, influenced by current trends in yoga practice.
Hatha Yoga teachers: Vidyadasa, Kevin Donovan  

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga emphasises correct alignment and the interplay of body, breath,and mind.
Iyengar Yoga Teachers :   Randall Evans

Vajrasati Yoga 

Vajrasati Yoga (VS Yoga) most often takes the form of a straightforward Modern Postural Yoga class i.e. body work. Interwoven into the fabric of the MPY asanas is the spirit of the yoga movement as it has come down to us through its various influences such as Tantra, Raja, Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism.

This is done through the tone of the relationship we have with the practice and through the central premise embodied in the word yoga itself; that the isolation of breath, body, mind, heart, energy is simply a convention which covers a more obvious truth that each of these elements are inseparable parts of one whole experience that has at its heart freedom, joy, wisdom, and bliss.

We encourage non violence (ahimasa), honesty (satya), investigation (svadyaya) as well as using a sense of trust (ishvara pranidhana), or letting go, to find a deeper intuitive connection (yoga) to what we do.

The classes integrate movement, breath, philosophy and humour in a way that leaves you feeling lighter, refreshed and revitalised. Vajrasati Yoga was founded by Jim Tarran in 2000 and is a Yoga Alliance 500 RYS

Vajrasati Teachers : Khadine Morcom, Leonie Taylor, OceanJim – Jim runs a Yoga Teacher Training at Brighton Buddhist Centre,

Embodied Yoga Principles

Embodied Yoga Principles develops awareness, acceptance and an intentional approach to life which we can follow through into taking action in our life. Classes will include some regular yoga postures (which you may be familiar with if you practice Yoga) and specific Embodied Yoga Principles postures.

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Yoga & Meditation

We also offer Yoga & Meditation which combines Hatha Yoga with meditation.

We recommend trying different Yoga Drop in Classes  to find which styles and teachers suit you.


Our Yoga Loyalty card encourages this by giving you a 10th class free. Please ask at reception when you attend a class.

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Restorative Yoga

A deep, meditative space of slow, gentle, supported yoga asana – restful movement and restorative positions to encourage body, mind and breath to unwind and, let go of deep-held tension; meditation; pranayama – breath focus to promote calm; and yoga nidra – deep guided relaxation in which we can reset the nervous system. There will also be elements of self-massage taken from Thai massage used to further promote deep healing.

Restorative Yoga Teachers : Leonie Taylor

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