Yoga Mornings in Brighton

Sunday Yoga, Meditation and Embodiment Mornings

Once a month we offer a Yoga and meditation classes on a Sunday morning in Brighton at Brighton Buddhist Centre. Explore the relationship between Yoga and meditation and embodiment, see individual events for more info…

The sessions include traditional Buddhist meditation practices we teach at the Brighton Buddhist Centre and worldwide in the Triratna Buddhist Community.

Embodied Yoga Principles Morning with Vidyadasa28 Apr, 2019Sunday10:00 am-1:00 pmFind out more and book »
Yoga Meditation & Embodiment Morning with Vidyadasa16 Jun, 2019Sunday10:00 am-1:00 pmFind out more and book »


Yoga Teacher: Vidyadasa

Vidyadasa teaches the regular yoga mornings,  he teaches Hatha Yoga with an emphasis on mindful practice of Yoga with whole body awareness, sensitivity to the breath, creating calm and clarity and focus in postures.

Embodied Yoga Principles LogoThey also include Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) which is a new development by Mark Walsh of Integration Training; and senior Embodied Yoga Principles Teachers bringing the principles of Embodiment into Yoga, which is the use of awareness, intention for transformation in our life, exploring postures and qualities of postures and the relationship they can have in the rest of our life. Its a fun,explorative and powerful way of practicing yoga. You can see videos  by Mark which gives an introduction. See the website

Please note: the practices can be powerful, and may not be suitable if you are feeling very emotionally unbalanced, or experiencing difficult psychological difficulties, are in deep therapy, or have recent trauma, or bereavement. It is possible to choose not to do specific exercises/processes but it is best to communicate in advance first for your well being and safety. If you are in unsure about whether to attend please call Vidyadasa before booking 07870 696942.

Thank you.

Testimonials for Vidyadasa

Embodied yoga can have a profound effect on your self awareness and how you show up in the world. Great to experience it with such a good teacher.Thank you. ” Libby Davy-Life Coach

Vidyadasa has a very lovely way of inviting you to practice, which means its your practice, rather than conforming to a taught class. A lovely peaceful, non-judgemental yet empowering experience, Thank you“. Debi

Thank you for a calm and gentle new dimension to my yoga practice,how great it was to share the experience with others in the group.You were very skilful at enabling this for us all collectively and individually as we wanted or needed.” Jayne H

Very useful body awareness.How much body and mind are related, and how right too! The body won’t be betray the mind and vice versa.Many thanks.” Theresa G

I started feeling unsettled,unsure but knowing i needed to come.i have ended the session with a new clarity about what is bothering me,ways of approaching it.Feeling very supported and nourished by this wonderful group of people who i have never met before and the exceptional guidance,kindness and care of Vidyadasa. Thanks, R.W”

Thank you very much for a very helpful way to explore the interplay of different qualities in body and spirit/mind” Jenny C

Thank you Vidyadasa… a lovely, organic workshop which gave me some useful tools to apply to everyday life. I feel more connected to my body in a light way and more connected to others too. Insights arose in a way which i was able to be with- not too intense” Laura S

“I really enjoyed the yoga morning, it was a great mix of individual practice,embodiment,partner yoga and meditation! It all felt just right, Vidyadasa is such a great teacher…” Laura C

“A lovely practice to connect with ourself and other people. Integrating our practice on the mat, to our life off the mat…” A.

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