Yoga Mornings in Brighton

Sunday Yoga, Meditation and Embodiment Mornings

Once a month we offer Yoga and meditation classes on a Sunday morning exploring the relationship between Yoga, meditation and embodiment.

Yoga and Meditation Morning19 Jan, 2020Sunday10:00 am-1:00 pmFind out more and book »
Embodied Yoga Principles Morning with Vidyadasa19 Apr, 2020Sunday10:00 am-1:00 pmFind out more and book »


Yoga Teacher: Vidyadasa

Vidyadasa teaches these regular yoga mornings.  He teaches the Hatha Yoga style, emphasising mindful practice, whole body awareness and sensitivity to the breath – creating calm, clarity and focus in postures.

Embodied Yoga Principles LogoThese Yoga mornings also include Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) developed by Mark Walsh of Integration Training and senior Embodied Yoga Principles Teachers.  EYP brings the principles of Embodiment into Yoga, which is the use of awareness, intention for transformation in our life, exploring postures and qualities of postures and the relationship they can have in the rest of our life. Its a fun, exploratory and powerful way of practicing yoga.

You can see videos  by Mark which gives an introduction. See the website

Please note: these practices can be powerful, and may not be suitable if you are feeling very emotionally unbalanced, or experiencing difficult psychological difficulties, are in deep therapy, or have recent trauma, or bereavement. It is possible to choose not to do specific exercises/processes but it is best to communicate in advance first for your well being and safety. If you are in unsure about whether to attend please call Vidyadasa before booking 07870 696942.

Read testimonials and info about Vidyadasa.

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