Weekend Retreat at Rivendell

Weekend Retreat at Rivendell

Date and Time:

a weekend starting on Fri, 12th Aug, 2022 - Sun, 14th Aug, 2022
6:00 pm

Moving wisely through the world

Weekend retreat at Rivendell
With Dyotana and team

As a bee gathering nectar
does not harm or disturb
the colour or fragrance of the flower
so do the wise move
through the world.

The principle of non-harm is central to the Buddha’s teaching. However, when we try to apply this to our lives, it may not always be obvious how best to put this into practice. We may find that sometimes the best we can aim for is to cause the least harm.
During the course of the weekend, we’ll explore how non-harm underpins Buddhist ethics, and the relationship between ethics, meditation and developing wisdom. The retreat will include short talks, discussion, meditation, and some ritual elements, as well as time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Rivendell.
The weekend is open to all who are familiar with the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana meditations as taught within Triratna, whether you’re just starting to explore the Buddha’s teaching or have been practicing for some years.

Please note the following before booking:
Rivendell is housed in an old Victorian rectory which unfortunately can create access issues for some people. There is one shared bedroom on the ground floor. Please check with us on the email below if you’d like further clarification on accessibility.
Most accommodation is in shared rooms and allocated on a single sex basis. You will receive an email shortly after booking which, amongst other things, will ask you to let us know if you require a male, female or ungendered room.
For legal reasons we are unable to accept bookings for people under the age of 18.
Retreatants are asked to contribute to the running of the retreat through assisting with tasks such as food preparation, serving meals or washing up.
For any enquiries about this retreat, please email: info@brightonbuddhistcentre.co.uk


You can book this course on-line using a credit or debit card or through your PayPal account. Once you click the "pay now" button you will be transferred to PayPal to make your payment.

If you have any questions find out more about bookings and concessions . Due to the reduced office staffing during the pandemic we are currently only taking bookings by PayPal, if this causes problems please email info@brightonbuddhistcentre.co.uk

Ticket Type Price Spaces
Full price £120.00
Low or unwaged £80.00

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