Dharma Foundation Course (evenings) – Wisdom

Dharma Foundation Course (evenings) – Wisdom

Date and Time:

6 weeks starting Tue, 14th Sep, 2021
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

The Foundation Course

The Foundation Course modules are where we can start to investigate the ideas of Buddhism in relation to one another. You do not have to feel that you are a Buddhist to attend or feel you are committed to the Buddhist path. All that is needed is some familiarity with meditation and an inquisitive, open mind. The foundation course is a primer in the fundamentals of Buddhism using traditional and contemporary sources.

One of the initial ways in to the Buddha-Dharma is simply to explore tried and trusted suggestions to make sense of our meditation and life experience. The course’s approach is not abstract or
academic but a way to reflect on these themes in the light of our own experience.

Dhammakatha is a term referring to discussing the Dharma. An activity recommended by the Buddha. The Foundation Course is a great opportunity to practice discussion that allows each person to unfold their own enquiry into the profound.

I have been teaching this course for five years and my own understanding is always deepened by the fresh insights and questions that new participants bring to the conversation. There is a short piece of text to read and reflect on each week.

You do not have to be a mitra to attend this course, and you can sign up for one 6-7 week module at a time. It is not necessary to commit for the whole year.


We all have a model of the world in our heads. Whether we are aware of it or not, we have a set of ideas, concepts, images, analogies and metaphors that we use to make sense of the world and guide our actions. It is as though we each had our own map of reality that we use to find our way around. This map is highly simplified, because reality is far too complex for us to hold in our heads. Our map bears a similar relationship to reality that a road map of France –say–bears to the actual country. If it is accurate, it is useful for finding our way around, but it leaves out almost all of the richness, beauty, complexity, mystery and wonder of the reality.
Our beliefs and ideas about the nature of reality have a major effect on the way we feel, and on the way we live our life. Our beliefs can liberate us, or they can keep us stuck, and even trap us in downward spirals of negativity. So we need to look at our beliefs and ideas about the world if we want to make spiritual progress, or even if we just want to live an emotionally healthy and productive life.

Course material can be found by clicking here


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