The Journey and the Guide

Led by Dharmajit 

‘Others taunt me with having knelt at well-curbs//Always wrong to the light, so never seeing//Deeper down in the well than where the water//Gives me back in a shining surface picture//Me myself in the summer heaven godlike//Looking out of a wreath of fern and cloud puffs.//Once, when trying with chin against a well-curb,//I discerned, as I thought, beyond the picture,//Through the picture, a something white, uncertain,//Something more of the depths—and then I lost it.//Water came to rebuke the too clear water.//One drop fell from a fern, and lo, a ripple//Shook whatever it was lay there at bottom,//Blurred it, blotted it out. What was that whiteness?//Truth? A pebble of quartz? For once, then, something.’

Robert Frost 

What was that ‘whiteness’? Too often the noise of our busy lives and busy minds obscures our sense of ‘something more of the depths’. Of course, as we practice meditation, we  begin to feel the benefits of being able to still the mind and begin to get a glimpse of something more, a glimpse of what we can become. A glimpse that Freedom, as represented by the Buddha is possible.

So if meditation can bring these glimpses into view, what can sustain them. What can stop our experiences of truth and meaning in our lives from being blurred or blotted out.

The course ‘Journey and the Guide will begin to answer this question. The aim of the course will be to show where meditation sits within a system  of Buddhist Practice. We will see that meditation and other practices need to be developed within five areas of spiritual development. These five being, Integration, Positive Emotion, Spiritual Death, Spiritual Rebirth and Spiritual Receptivity.

Of course we can practice meditation alone and develop very well. But the Buddha would argue that we need to work on all of these five areas if we are to truly transform ourselves and the world around us in a sustainable way. We need all five if we are to begin to not just ‘see’ that Freedom is possible (the ‘whiteness) but actually begin to taste Freedom. Freedom manifesting in us as greater compassion and wisdom for self and other!

So during this eight week course we will explore these five areas and see how they relate to the Buddhas teaching and more importantly how we can begin to practice these five areas or stages so that we can continue to take the journey of the Dharma with a sense of having everything we need. With a sense of having the Buddha as Guide supreme!

Participants will need to know the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana. Other than that the course is open to all, either those with a established practice or interest in Buddhism or those with an emerging practice or interest.  The spirit of this course being about taking a journey together – for 8 weeks and beyond.

You might want to consider booking on this course with a friend or as a group, but however you book I look forward to practicing with you all on the course, in the new year!

With Metta


(Price of the course includes the book’, ‘The Journey and the Guide’)

Dates and Times

8 Thursdays

Thursday, 18th January, 2018-Thursday, 8th March, 2018

Times: 7:30 pm-9:45 pm

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