Short ‘Sesshin’


Led by Jnanottara

Traditionally, in Zen practice, a sesshin would take place over a number of days.
The word Sesshin, in Japanese, literally translates to English as ‘touching the heart/mind’.
Sesshin is a time to focus all ones enquiring heart/mind into meditation practice.
When we practice Sesshin, the shrine room is a collective ‘Sacred Place’.
Reverence to the Shrine is an important aspect of this Sacred Space.
Candles are the symbol of the Wisdom of Enlightenment, the teaching of the Buddha.
Flowers are the symbol of true Compassion, the activity of the Buddha.
These are the twin qualities of Awakening.
Incense are offerings to the Buddha for his teaching and activity.
Where we sit in the shrine room is our personal sacred place, whether on the floor on cushions or on a chair. Please treat the Shrine Room and your personal sacred space with respect. The shrine room is a sacred place of realisation. By treating the space in this way, we give our meditation practice its deep and proper meaning, that is, the potential for the realisation of awakening.
Our Sesshin will include twenty minute periods of meditation and ten minute periods of walking. The meditation is either following the breath or formless whichever suits the practitioner at any time. Before each meditation there will be a reading or poem.
The Sesshin will be in complete Silence. Please only leave or enter the shrine room for a ‘comfort break’ during the walking periods.
The timing of the programme will be punctual. See times below.


2pm Introduction and walking instruction
2.20 Refuges and Precepts
2.25 Meditation
2.45 Walking
3.00 Meditation
3.20 Walking
3.35 Meditation
3.55 Walking
4.10 Meditation
4.30 Walking
4.45 Meditation
5.05 Mantra
5.10 Transference of merit/Bodhicitta verses


Dates and Times

Saturday, 24th August, 2019

Times: 2:00 pm-5:00 pm

The event is free but donations on the day are welcome.

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