Embodied Yoga Principles Morning with Vidyadasa

Embodeied Yoga Principles morning with VidyadasaSorry this event has been cancelled


Embodied Yoga Principles is an effective way of practicing yoga to introduce different qualities into your life. These sessions are social and connecting and psychologically deep, its yoga for all of your life.

Embodied Yoga Principles emphasises psychological self-awareness and transfer of skills to daily-life.

It is mindfulness-based and emphasises discovering more about ourselves and improving our lives– rather than athleticism – and incorporates elements of life coaching, body therapy, meditation, dance and martial arts. Postures and group exercises are used to explore and develop the body as a way of being, integral to how we live.

EYP is about improving personal freedom, the relationships that matter most in our lives, and effectiveness in making the world a better place. 

Embodied yoga is socially aware, and avoids both new-age superstition and Western body materialism. It can be emotionally intense as it’s a powerful tool for looking at your personal patterns and changing your life for the better. EYP is also more social and playful than much yoga, so is also very connecting and lots of fun.

In some ways EYP a very novel approach to asana practice including things you won’t find literally anywhere else, though it’s also aligned with traditional yoga’s emphasis on developing the practitioner. Because Embodied Yoga is a set of principles rather than a style, it can add a new dimension to any approach to practice and be used creatively.

Please note: the practices can be powerful, and may not be suitable if you are feeling very emotionally unbalanced, or experiencing difficult psychological difficulties, are in deep therapy, or have recent trauma, or bereavement. It is possible to choose not to do specific exercises/processes but it is best to communicate in advance first for your well being and safety. If you are unsure about whether to attend please call Vidyadasa before booking 07870 696942.

Read more general information about the Yoga and Meditation Mornings here and Vidyadasa’s style of  Yoga Teaching
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Come along and try. There is a lovely community of people who come along to these classes.

Dates and Times

Sunday, 27th October, 2019

Times: 10:00 am-1:00 pm

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